Problem re-mapping keys

I’m having intermittent problems re-mapping keys.

I can re-map keys, set it as the default keymap, and save changes but the keys are not remapped.

For example, below I have re-mapped the scroll up/down to Mouse-i/Mouse-k however after doing the above and even restarting it’s still mapped to the original (mouse-y/mouse-h). However, my maps of keys on left hand side worked (which were done earlier and only worked after a restart).

Any ideas?

Edit: I have found that I can edit the configuration json and get it to work but, err, tedious to figure out which keys are which when I’m mapping random None values to something. Tedious trial and error.

Have you pressed the “Save the keyboard” button in the bottom right corner to save your configuration?

Yes absolutely. Trying to get these working maybe 10+ times now yet they never make it to the json.

I fixed.

Reset Configuration and started over :slight_smile: