Printing a guide for customized layers

I’ve pretty heavily customized my setup (including things like using the caps-lock “mouse” button as my primary mod-layer, and having fn-V be shift-insert on Win keymap and command-V on OSX keymap.

Does anyone have a recommended software for printing a cheat-sheet for a keymap? Ideally a keyboard representation with editable multi-layer labels on each key, so I could have something like
Keypad 5
5 %
for the 5 button, showing the Fn, Mouse, Mod, and base keymap uses of that key. Having 4 representations with these would be a good option as well, but harder to fit on one page, and doesn’t fit my brain as well. It’s key to have the labels editable (though defaults from the actual keymap would be great, as the symbols on Agent are sufficient for editing, but show the keymap rather than the intended usage (ex: command-shift-V has a bunch of symbols rather than “paste without formatting”).

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Dagon -

I wondered about that too, a way to print out keymaps.

Until such a function appears, I simply “print screen”.
(On Mac, that is CMD+shift+4.)
It’s not pretty with all that black, but it works.

Is there a better way?

Yes, maybe there is …
Once my keymap adjustments have settled down, I will screen print to a file.
Then use macros to pop-up those images on the screen.
No need to launch “Agent” to see what does what on the keyboard.
And no need to have pieces of paper showing the keymaps.
But must update those images manually.

Have you seen that I created a UHK layout in an online tool about a week ago?

This allows to have text at different locations of a key, so for example base, Fn, Mouse, Mod could be covered in the 4 corners. Possibly even a firth layer in the middle of the key.


Very nice. Thank you rpnfan.

Does it somehow read the UHK Agent keymap?
Or is the user to key in the details?

I gather the user needs to enter all the details, to essentially “create” the desired keymap from scratch — that can then be printed?

At least, that’s how I understood it to work?

Not from scratch, the layout is already complete and you add or change the information you like. You can store your own layouts then or export them.

I use the layout in that way that I have in 3 corners of each key:

  • OS layout (qwerty or whatever you are using)
  • shifted output (for keys besides the alphabet)
  • AltGr mappings (used in my local language)

You can use center of the key for Mod layer and one corner for the mouse layer for example. If you have more than 5 layers you will need to create two layouts to print (or if it get’s to crowded).

I had updated the layout with a version including hardware KeyId’s and also added the mouse buttons of the modules.