PDF with UHK layout

I was searching for a printable PDF with the UHK dimensions (incl modules) to compare that to different other physical layouts. The knowledgebase does not give any pointers.

We don’t have PDFs, but the Agent repo contains the needed SVG files. They may have to be scaled according to the physical size of the UHK, and then they can be exported as PDF in Inkscape.

Thanks, I checked the repo. Only the right side of the keyboard is displayed as expected (layout.svg). The left side is not displayed correctly (complete) – not in Edge, nor in Affinity Designer. I finally was able to see what is wrong in Photoline. Some svgs are displayed (largely) outside the canvas area.

I have a real keyboard, but for comparisons with other keyboards it would be beneficial to have the layout available in a digital file. I created a PDF, but can not upload that here.

https://compare.splitkb.com lists also the UHK, but misses the left sides, which does not allow meaningful comparisons, as the effect of the stagger is especially “bad” on the left side.

EDIT: Laszlo added the PDF download to this site: Layout and keycaps - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

The direct link is https://ultimatehackingkeyboard.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/uhk60-printable.pdf