Paralysed with indecision. Send opinions

I’ve pretty much decided to pull the trigger and order a keyboard.

And after back and forth, I’ve decided to just get the board and wrist rests, and forgo any modules and the tenting kit for now.

I have a tented sort of split keyboard (Logitech ergo k860) and am nervous/ excited to try a mechanical keyboard for the first time.

I was probably going to get tactile switches but not 100% sure and I’m torn between the black and mustard case and the different palm rests.

If black case then wood looks good I think.
If mustard case is rubber better looking?
Do I need a rest softer than a slab of wood?
Are tactile switches a reasonable choice for a mech newbie.

Do any of you out there have any opinions about any of this from your own keyboard?

Do you have a mustard case, what does it look like in the flesh?

Have you tried both palm rests, is one more comfortable than the other?

I know it’s all subjective. I’m just hoping to solicit opinions.

I have opinions, and you asked for them. :smile:

As for switches, I believe brown (tactile) is a good starting point. With the UHKv2, you can always swap them out later. I started on all my keyboards with blue (clicky) switches, but I’ve swapped them on my UHKv2 to Holy Pandas (aftermarket); I quite like them, too.


The mustard case is kind of a orange-ish mustard-ish brown-ish colour. Somewhere between mustard and burnt orange, I would describe it. I think it looks great with the wood palm rests. For me, brown wood and the orange-brown-ish case go well together.

UHK60v1, mustard case, wooden palm rests, some modules, GMK Oblivion v2 keycaps, and a coffee cup.

Unboxing UHK60v1 in mustard case, wooden palm rests. Picture taken right when I first opened the box.

Note: I have protanomaly (a version of red-green colour blindness) and my colour perception is a bit off. My wife says my keyboards look great, though, and she has full colour perception. :wink:

The black case looks great with the black palm rests. Maybe put blank keys on it, you get the perfect black slab. Modules only come in black, so a black case on the main keyboard produces a more consistent look.

UHK60v2, black case, black palm rests, some modules, SA Black-on-Black keycaps, on a solar system desk mat. I did not have enough keycaps for all the UHK keys, so the Space bars and the key cluster have the original UHK OEM caps on them.

Final words: My opinions are just that - my own opinions. The UHK is a fantastic keyboard. Either option and pretty much any combination will give you a wonderful experience. As you can see in the pictures, you also get a bit of tenting out of the box with the feet that come with the UHK.


The rubber is almost just as hard as the wood. The main difference is that the rubber one has basically an anti-slip surface.

I find the hard wood rests comfortable and have no need for anything softer.


Yes, I agree. If you can rest your hand on a wooden table, then you can also rest it on the wooden palm rest. The rubber is only a tiny bit softer; to me it makes no difference in daily use. Both feel nice.

I have one in the office and the other at home.

Thanks both, that’s helpful.

The wooden palm rests are perfectly comfortable. Especially after being worn in from 16+ hours of use a day for the past six years.

Here’s my hideously gorgeous yellow monstrosity :grin:
Can you tell just by just looking at the palm rests, what I use it for most often? :joystick: :joy: :video_game:


Thanks everyone.

Order placed. I will now wait at the window for the postie :smile:


Now I am curious: Which variant did you eventually choose?

Mustard case, brown switches, wood rests. (UK layout)

And I saw a forum post where someone has sanded down their rests, which is something that may be in my future.


Me all week waiting for my keyboard.


It’s heeeeeeere.