Palm rest screws causing sliding on desk

Does anyone else get this issue? I’m 90% sure it has to do with the screws on the palmrest for the v2 version, but on both my UHK’s im getting this sliding behavior. Hoping the rubber rest I get on Monday doesn’t have this issue. I’ve been having to use a desk mat to get around this issue.

There should be little rubber nubs on the bottom that stop the palm rest screws from touching the desk.

I get no slippage for any of my UHKs on any surfaces, have them nearly two years too.

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Yeah those grips are present, but for whatever reason the screws are ever so slightly protruding such that they’re touching the desk.

I actually do have the scratches on my desk from this happening. Only happens on the left side as well. My hope is that sanding should fix it.

nvm it’s still doing it. Easiest way to confirm is to take off the outer screw and place the keyboard back down. It has much better grip. Also of note is this only happens when the keyboard is tented, so what I think is happening is the edge of the screw is touching the desk at an angle, causing loss of friction and scratching

I’ve had this issue for awhile, but my solution was just a desk mat. New solution is to just not use the outer screw which I worry will put undue stress on the inner screw but oh well

I recall hearing about this issue when shipping the wooden v2 palm rests. Please contact us, and my colleagues will look into it.

I would but I should be getting the new rubber ones on monday and I don’t really see me using the wood ones more anyways. If the issue persists on those i’ll contact them, otherwise :person_shrugging:

I had this issue as well. I contacted the UHK support and they sent me the UHK v1 Palm Rest Screws. These are flatter, and that solved the issue for me!