Palm rest lacquer fix


I guess I belong to the 0,1% of palm rest users who have a problem with the lacquer layer degenerating. (Palm rest refurbishment guide - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard)

I was careful in cleaning them and not really sure what exactly caused it, but I handle Isopropanol from time to time. I ususally wear gloves but it happens that my hands come in contact with it and it might be enough to damage the surface later on with the mentioned sweat dissipation.

The repair guide mentions to sand them off with really thin sandpaper and then respraying it with a car lacquer, basically repairing the seal of the wood.

I decided to fully sand them (100p/180p), expose the natural wood color and just oil them two times.
I’m very happy with the result and thought I might share it.

I’ve used a natural oil which is food safe and certified for kitchen wood items. Doesn’t hurt to be careful with surfaces your skin touches a lot.

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Side by Side:

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I’m sorry about your experience with the palm rest lacquer layer, and thanks so much for sharing this! I venture to say that some may prefer your version to the stock one. I certainly like it; the wooden surface seems more natural.

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Oh, this is exactly how mine looks like. And I work with IPA too (3D printing). I have the same “pattern” of residue: nothing under the palms, and this small “drops” of residue closer to the keyboard, where the palms do not polish the wood.

Your restoration outcome is really great! What’s the specific oil you used? Is it tung or linseed or anything else?

Thanks for sharing!

3D Printer is not at home but yes, Resin printer. I wear gloves but you come in contact with IPA and I guess small amounts are enough to be absorbed. Intressting :slight_smile:

I was a little bit worried at first I might sand off to much (takes a little bit to get the pickeling off), but no worries there :slight_smile:

A carpenter who is building kitchens recommended Glimtrex Vegie Oil:
Not sure about the exact content they list jojoba, linseed, sunflower. In addition the MSDS lists tung oil. I guess all of the food-safe oils will do, but had other good experiences with that one.


I too did a similar restoration on mine.

I used a snap-off blade knife to scrape off the lacquer, and just then a sanding paper. I redyed the wood afterwards (since I had an alcohol wood dye of the same color at home), and finally oiled. I did this restoration only to the top face of the palm rests. Very happy with it though.

Used almond oil (from normal food store). All nut oils should be safe. Some other oils (inlcuding some edible ones) may degrade over time and so not be suitable.