onInit or keycluster UI — which takes precedent

If I have the below in my onInit and also fiddle with the values in the UI, which ones get used?

Is there a way to do OS specific versions?

set module.touchpad.pinchZoomMode zoom
set module.touchpad.scrollSpeedDivisor 16
set module.touchpad.holdContinuationTimeout 300

set module.trackball.navigationMode.mouse caret
set module.trackball.xceleration 0.9
set module.trackball.speed 1.0
set module.trackball.baseSpeed 0.8
set module.trackball.caretSpeedDivisor 40

set module.trackpoint.baseSpeed 0.3
set module.trackpoint.speed 0.3
set module.trackpoint.xceleration 3

First, UserConfig (i.e. UI config) is loaded, just then $onInit is executed. So macro values will overwrite whatever was set via UI.

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