oneShot doesn't work with enter

I have a macro which works like oneshot shift

oneShot holdKey RS-

but it seems it doesn’t work with Enter.
When I search in Firefox tap Enter moves to the next search item. If I press Enter + Shift it moves backwards to previous search item. With holding shift this works Okey.

But if I try to use oneshot shift - press key triggering shift, release it and then press Enter it doesn’t work, I always move to the next search item and never backwards.

While with usual keys it works - I see capital letters.

While with usual keys it works

That is quite clear indication that oneShot works, and it is your browser that for some reason refuses to accept shift+enter when shift is released shortly after press of the enter…

You can workaround it as follows:

pressKey iRS
oneShot delayUntilRelease
delayUntil 100
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Thank you. Indeed, making delayUntil 200 did work. That’s unfortunate that in 2023 we have some many bugs and inconsistencies in software related to such simple concept as keys and keyboards.

I decided to leave with that, otherwise I can get two letters capitalized if typing fast enough :frowning:

I use oneShot holdKey iS- for oneshot shift and your example in Opera (thought in Firefox, but on that PC I was using Opera instead of FF) works for me, both for oneshot and also when holding the shift key (which I assigned that macro too).