Oneshot does not seem to work with keys with secondary roles

Hey folks,

I just started using oneshot shift keys, in addition to home row modifiers. However for some reason my oneshot shift keys only work for keys which do not have a secondary role. Is there an easy way to fix this? (my oneshot shift is in the position of the regular shift key, not on a HRM. My issue is, that keys with a secondary role won’t get capitalized by my one shot shift)

My secondary role config looks like this: ($onInit macro)

// Secondar role config - timeout based
set secondaryRole.defaultStrategy advanced
set secondaryRole.advanced.timeout 200
set secondaryRole.advanced.timeoutAction secondary
set secondaryRole.advanced.safetyMargin 0
set secondaryRole.advanced.triggerByRelease 0
set secondaryRole.advanced.doubletapToPrimary 1
set secondaryRole.advanced.doubletapTime 200

And my onshot shift like this:

oneShot holdKey leftShift

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


But thanks for head ups, will look into it.

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Ah, that is a good one. I tried if a workaround would be to create a macro, but that is also not working, means oneshot Shift not working. What I noticed is that the MOD symbol lights up, when using oneshot, while it does not light up when using MOD as a secondary function. I do not understand why that is the case.

It does light up once uhk knows which of the two roles it should activate (not sooner).