New user questions: text selection, mouse 3


I’m a new owner of the UHKv2, with the left and trackpoint modules.For now, I use the left module in its default configuration. The trackpoint buttons are mapped to Back and Forward.
On a full keyboard, I’m used to press Ctrl and arrows to jump to next/previous word, adding Shift to also select the text.
On the UHK, the default Mod + I,J,K,L + Control + Shift for the same thing seem a little too complicated.
What do you use for the same functionality? How long to adapt?
What about simulating the mouse 3 button? Clicking the scroll wheel on the left module is not that easy/consistent.
Thank you, sorry if this was already answered somewhere and I did not find it.

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Regarding you arrow question. I have mapped the 4 bottom right keys to be arrow and use them regularly. In addition I have mapped Ctrl-Arrow (right and left) to two keys on my mod layer.

Middle mouse button could be mapped to one of the case buttons or to one of the mouse buttons on the left module – play around a bit and test for a few days. Changing the UHK keys is super quick and you can just try out what works for you.

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I have vim-like arrows on mod+hjkl, and the same just mirrored on mod+sdfg. I normally press mod with right thumb, while ctrl/shift with edge of my left palm or left pinkey, so while it is a 4 key chord, it is a pretty easy one.

As to the middle button, I have 7890 keys on base layer mapped to mouse buttons so that they act as a regular thumb trackball. Namely the bindings are:

  • 7 to left click
  • 8 to modifier layer on secondary role (which makes modules scroll when held), with a middle click as a primary role (which produces short middle click if no other key was used with the key)
  • 9 to right click
  • 8+7 switch tab left
  • 8+9 switch tab right
  • 7+9 or 9+7 holds middle click
  • 0 new tab
  • mod+0 close tab

Thank you for your replies.
I think I like the idea of using the left case button for Mouse 3.
After trying some more, I think I could get used to Ctrl + Shift + Mod with my left hand, and IJKL with the right one.