New forum category?

I think it is good that the forum does not have too many categories. But one might be an interesting one and worth to be separate? What about adding:

Keymaps and keyboard layouts

A place where you can describe your keymap or where one can discuss alternative keyboard layouts.

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I don’t think we need a dedicated category for this purpose. Currently, there are 29 General topics, 20 Configurations topics, and 4 Modding topics.

Currently, only you shared your configuration in a Configuration topic. If there will be a significant number of similar posts, it may make sense to add a new category as suggested, and even then, I’m afraid that topics will be mixed up between categories for no good reason.

My opinion: it would be nice to have separate categories for sharing configs and asking for help with config.

Regarding keymaps. You posted your keymap Karel and part is self-explaning, but a lot is also not. I would love to learn about your configuration in detail. I am sure one can get cool ideas from that! :slight_smile:

Ok, will copy that into a new thread… please post your questions there!

Maybe I could rename the current “Configurations” category to “Configuration Question” and open a new “My Configuration” category.


I’ve added a new category and renamed the old one.

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