Negative tilt suggestions

Wondering if anyone has any bright ideas for how to achieve negative tilt in addition to tenting?

Perhaps I could buy the riser and try attaching feet to the front somehow…

Moving from my Logitech ergonomic keyboard it’s probably what I’m struggling with the most. At the moment I’ve resorted to propping up the 4 front corners with post-it note pads which makes adjusting the position of the keyboard a right faff :sweat_smile:

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I’m using the Riser 60 with some 1/2" dense foam under the palm rest side. I’ll likely search for some taller rubber feet once I settle on the desired height.

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I just need some double height legs for the inside front corners :joy:

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:laughing: I tried a million different ways to make it work, but it never felt quite right until got the Riser 60. Good luck!