Need help choosing switches

I’m looking into buying a UHK but I’m not sure which switch to use. I prefer the silent ones and honestly I don’t hear any difference between Silent Brown and Silent Pink? Which one is a safer bet? Also I don’t like a lot of travel for the keys when pressed, I prefer minimum effort on my end.


I have a sample silent pink and i have a keyboard with silent browns (i have a collection of other switches).

I prefer the silent browns and love them!

which one has less travel when pressed? what I mean is which one (silent pink vs silent brown) requires less force to get pressed in your opinion?

Silent pink requires less force to get pressed.
However, it is a linear as opposed to a tactile.

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Take a look at this page: Kailh Box Silent Pink Silent Brown Switches – mechkeysshop

There are graphs/pictures there too, but I think the relevant bit is:

Silent Pink linear
Operating force:35±10gf
Pre Travel:1.8±0.4mm
Total Travel:3.6±0.4mm

Silent Brown tactile
Operating force:45±10gf
Pre Travel:1.8±0.4mm
Total Travel:3.6±0.4mm
Tactile Force: 65±10gf

I have the silent pinks. I was using a Das Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches until the UHK swap a couple of years ago and I love the pinks. They’re so much quieter and the complete lack of tactility is fantastic, you can disengage as soon as a character appears (which is long before you bottom out).

As long as you’re OK without a tactile “bump” then the pinks are the best! They’re super-responsive, although that means that if you lean on them a little hard, you’re going to start typing :slightly_smiling_face:

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My UHK-1 has Cherry MX Clear switches and I am very happy with them.

With the UHK-2 Ultimate Gadget Laboratories is selling Kailh switches only, so I decided to buy silent-brown for my UHK-2, but was not happy with them. The tactile “high” point is too far from the point where the button is triggered for me … they feel more like linear switches with a small bump at the beginning.

For this reason I replaced all switch with Cherry MX Clear Switches, which are in my opinion much better.

This does not mean that Kailh switches are not good or something like that, but for me Cherry Clear is what I want. (more resistance and more tactile)


Kailh Speed switches have the shortest pre-travel, 1.1 mm. But the operating force is not as light as with browns or pinks. The linear Kailh Speed Silver for instance, requires 50g Actuation. I no longer use them (activation came too early on the top for my taste), but I did find them silent enough. Not as silent as lubed or ink-switches, but your mileage may wary.

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I swapped the provided silent browns with Kailh Ocean Whale – also silent tactile and find them much better. Better tactility and sound (also more silent). I will post a video in a few weeks how they compare.


All these silent switches, they sound awful (pun intended). I like my box whites, though one day I might try some something different. The box navies or jades look amazing but I think I’d tire of them.

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The same. I have found both Kailh Whale Tactile and Kailh Islet Linear very pleasant and can recommend them easily.