Mouse layer changes Windows mouse speed

Hey all. I love the mouse layer of the UHK, but have found that whenever I use it, it immediately changes the system mouse speed in Windows, specifically making it slower. As someone who needs a fast pointer from my mouse, this is making the mouse feature almost a negative. Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?

Hi there!

This issue dumbfounds me because it hasn’t even been reported, and the operating system mouse speed shouldn’t be affected by the UHK. If the Windows mouse speed window is opened, do you see the speed changing as soon as you start mousing with your UHK? If so, please make a screencast and share it.

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Hi! Thanks for your response. I can’t see the mouse setting change in real time or while the window stays open. But if I reopen it, it has changed. I made a little video. Just so it’s clear what is happening:

  • I open the mouse settings and increase the pointer speed
  • I move the pointer around with my physical mouse first
  • Then I move the mouse around with my UHK, you’ll see the motion be more obviously UHK like
  • I reopen the settings and the speed has been reverted to much slower

Can you reproduce this issue with a clean Windows installation?

Some service or application might be running, which causes this issue.

It is likely not practical to test that, but checking with a second computer could already be helpful.

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Hello! Just an update, I uninstalled the Logitech unifying app and another driver app for use with their trackball mouse. That has fixed the issue. Thanks!

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