Mouse keys - how do you eat yours?

How have you set up the speeds, and accelerations for your mouse keys?
I feel that I underutilise this feature and I reckon it is as a result of how I have set them up.
My config is below.

What have you done?

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The Mouse Layer is one of the primary reasons I got the UHK, I was starting to get RSI-like pains in my right hand and I wanted to do away with moving my hand between keyboard and mouse. Since I’ve been using the UHK I have not had any more pain.

I mention that, because I did do a bunch of “optimisation” in order to ensure that the pointer would move fast enough across a 32" monitor (I usually have two active windows and need to flick between them). I was a little surprised to see that, for the most part, all of my values (with the exception of my Initial speed) are quite close to yours! We’re both a long way from @kareltucek though :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally am super-happy with the movement I’ve got right now, I can move fast enough across two monitors to make me happy, and I can achieve enough dexterity once I’ve reached whatever it is that I want to click on to do text-relocation. I have not been able to get strong results in things like The Gimp just yet.

I also noticed that I have not done anything with the Mouse Scroll Speed (10, 10, 10, 7, 12) and I may experiment a little with that now. For the most part I use the tiny little ball on the key-cluster for scrolling, but I’ve found that it seems to occasionally get “stuck”, at which point I just flip into Mouse-Mode and use the key-based scroll.

Quite fond of a bit of balsamic with mine.