More effort to pull switches

I am curious if other folks have noticed, but as much as I love the UHK there is one thing about it that feels a bit off at times when I try to replace the switches. It is totally do-able with the provided switch puller but it does feel like something that takes just a bit more force and effort compared to some of my other boards. Is it just me, of have other people also noticed this?

I don’t think we’ve ever received such feedback, so I’m surprised by your findings. It’s worth mentioning, though, that some switches are tighter than others.

Ah interesting. Yeah it seems to be related to the type of switch. Interesting. It does seem like some other boards don’t suffer from this as much but I can confirm that it depends on the switch. Fair enough!

Which switches were harder to pull? The original switches that came with your UHK, or are you talking about aftermarket switches which you put in, and then were difficult to pull out again?

Maybe we can collect this info over time into a knowledge base… (UHK wiki, anyone?)

I think these were my Kaihl speed clicky switches. But I could be mistaken, I tend to swap 'm a lot.

Honestly this is a good thing. Moonlander already wobbles after 4 switch changes.
I’ve used Kailh speed, gazzew, duroks and stock ones with the similar puling experience.