Miryoku And homerow mods

Wanting to try out homerow mods / the miryoku setup and was wondering if anyone has succeeded in doing it.

Would love to see their configuration as when I tried the homerow mods specifically I’d get laggy input

I have not found a way to make home-row-mods work for me. I know some people are happy with using them. My guess is that those are not fast typists. When you type above 60 or 70 wpm, or much faster in bursts, I think it will not be possible to get home-row-mods not interfering with quick rolls or fast sequences. I might be wrong, but I decided for me that they are not worth the hassle.

So want do you use? Layers, one shot mods, ifFestures for tap dances or other things too?

I played a bit with them, and kind of find myself in a similar spot as you. I type around 80-90 wpm, and I get occasional false activation of either primary or secondary functions. Haven’t found the best settings yet. I have not fully given up though; still experimenting.

It is possible, at least for 60-80 wpm. I yse them. Almost never…or actually never have this issue.

The key point is “advanced” mode.