Mild rant - forgot keyboard

Back in an office after four years, have used one of two UHK v2s since the end of 2021.
Brought my silent one home to client at the weekend. Forgot it this morning.
First time using a non UHK since then. F*&king horrible experience. No macros, not split, no modules, using a physical mouse. F*&king mare.


Thanks for the covert compliment! :slight_smile:

We appreciate it, and we’re working to make the UHK even better.

I made myself some macros in AutoHotKey (for windows) and keyd (for Linux) so I can at least get some layers whenever I use my Laptop keyboard (i.e. no UHK).

Described here: GitHub - mhantsch/maxtend: Extended keyboard layers for easy navigation and functionality based on Colemak

UHK is tons better, of course, but at least I don’t have to rewire my brain each time I need to use the Laptop.