Made a review video

It’s safe to say that keyboards have become a hobby of mine, but after 6 months I figured I got to know the board well enough to give it a proper review. Figured it couldn’t hurt to share it here as well.

No keyboard is perfect but I am comfortable recommending this board. Some people may benefit from another board, but there is plenty to like here. In particular there are two aspects where this board really outshines the competition.

  • Replacing the mouse. The way that the cursor moves smoothly with button presses and the accelerate button is unlike any of the many other smart boards that I have tried.
  • Working on multiple operating systems. I have one setting for Ubuntu and another for Mac. The board deals with the translation between CMD and Ctrl so that I don’t have to and it is a very welcome feature that is underappreciated.

Congrats on the design of this thing. Got some solid ideas!


Thanks for your review! It’s very well made, and I’m sure it’s useful for many, especially those who want to use home row mods.

I plan to feature it in our next newsletter and blog post.

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