Macros to control key brightness separately from segment display brightness

Is there a way to control key brightness separately from segment led brightness via macros?


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Damn this sucks. I wish I could turn on and off key highlighting by a shortcut but I have segment led disabled and it turns on really bright if I enable key backlighting using macros.

That’s weird. Can you post what exactly you are doing?

Turning just per key leds off should be possible by setting constantRGB backlight mode with 0 0 0 colour.

I have two macros:

set leds.brightness 0


set leds.brightness 10

so I can switch keyboard backlighting on and off

however when I use the on macros, it also turns on the segment led

I have a color scheme on my keys that I’d like to preserve, I just want to turn it on during night hours only and have it turned off the rest of the time. By setting contstantRGB I would need to set it for every key right?

This sets brightnesses to 10 times the default value.

Also, I still can’t reproduce the behavior which you are reporting. If the segment led brightness value is 0, then 10*0 is still 0, which corresponds with my findings. It seems to me that you must have it enabled.

No, you just set backlight.constantRgb.rgb 0 0 0 and you have entire keyboard black. Then you set backlight.strategy perKeyRgb or set backlight.strategy functional and you get back whatever you had before.

Ah thanks, this should work for me. I’ll try constantRgb