Macro mouse keys?

I’m looking to modify the way I use mouse keys but I’m unable to find documentation for the specific feature I want.

I see there’s a “Move mouse N pixels on X/Y axis” in the keybind options, how can I use this in a macro?

Specifically I’d like to have my normal mouse keys, but then be able to hold shift and the mouse key jumps the mouse N pixels, and goes back to being a standard mouse key when released.

The thought here being I can make fast jumps across the screen (using a very large display) and then drop into the normal mouse key speed with my configured acceleration and speed settings when shift is released.

I am not sure I understand…

If you just want to vary the meaning of the mouse key depending on whether shift is pressed or not at the time of its press, then it is easy…

ifNotShift final {
    startMouse move up
    stopMouse move up
<the gui action to jump n pixels>

If you want the key to switch between the two modes depending on shift presses and releases during one long hold of the key, then that’s more complex… but following constructs should still make it possible:

  • goTo jumps, especially jumps to labels and jump to $currentAddress for active waiting.
  • Signalling using macro variables. E.g., having a variable that informs you of whether one of the keys is pressed and have the other react to that variable as you wish…

This seems to be what I’m looking for, the problem I’m having is how I replicate the GUI action from the Agent software.

To clarify what I’m looking for here I want the key to act as a mouse key (this macro does that), unless the shift key is held, which should instead make it replicate this functionality from the macro GUI:

So replacing where you wrote <the gui action to jump n pixels> with whatever the actual macro equivalent of the above image is.

Is there a macro command for this, or do I need to call call upon a different macro that I setup with this GUI?

No, you don’t need macro equivalent. You just use the actual thing:

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