Macro for dual holding left and right Fn keys


I am currently playing around with the macro system but am getting stuck on basic functionalities.
On my UHK there are two Fn modifier keys for both halves of the keyboard:

Holding either of them triggers the Fn layer. So far so good. But now I want to enhance this functionality by substituting the Fn keys with macros that on single hold trigger the Fn layer and when concurrently held together a different modifier (in my case Fn5 layer).
I tried the following macro to no avail:

Left Fn:

ifGesture rightFn final holdLayer Fn5
holdLayer leftFn

Right Fn:

ifGesture leftFn final holdLayer Fn5
holdLayer rightFn

I am for now too unfamiliar with the syntax to even know if am remotely on the right track, the user guide on github is a little overwhelming for me.
I hope that someone can help me.

Well, Agent should be throwing a bunch of errors for this when you save the config that should tell you what exactly is wrong with the syntax. Does it not?

Namely, Fn5 is an invalid layer id. It should be fn5.

Likewise, rightFn is not a layer id. Clearly you mean fn.

Apart from that, the macros should work fine.

Another way to do this would be to map holdLayer fn5 on the fn keys in in your fn layer.


Thanks a lot! Now it works as intended.
My main problem was that I used the Type text instead of the Command field. Seems that brainlessly tinkering around without basic knowledge does not go very far. :wink:


I see.