Low LED buzz noise from switches

Today as I was adjusting the LED brightness sensitivity on my UHK v2, I noticed a low, but high pitch, humming buzzing sound coming from the keyboard.

You can really hear it when you set the switch brightness to 255 (max). The sound is still low but you can definitely hear the high pitch buzz sound. I keep my switch LED settings at 0 (off) most of the time so there is no buzzing sound but when I do have it on I set it to 20 (low).

My light troubleshooting and setup.
Macbook pro 2021 16’ M1 chip,
connections: power source (140w mac power adapter) and UHK keyboard,
keyboard directly UBS-C connected,
same result with OEM ubs-c cable and my 100w capable ubs-c cable.

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I’ve seen a few people say they hear a bit of noise, but I’m lucky enough to be hard of hearing :shushing_face:

The knowledgebase does have an entry acknowledging the issue:


thanks for the reference