Keyboard maintenance question

Hi all!

I am very happy with UHKv2 i’ve recently got. Makes me wonder why there are so few similar keyboards out there. All design solutions feel very natural. Big thanks to UHK creators.

Been using it for slightly more than a month. As i’ve never used a mechanical keyboard before (silly me), i know nothing about it’s maintenance. For instance, recently i’ve noticed that left shift key is slightly more wobbly/rattling compared to right shift key. While it’s currently not a problem, i started thinking about what to do if it becomes worse, or when/if i need to clean it.

I know there are keycap pullers included in the package. But wanted to ask if there are some guides available on how to perform keyboard maintenance, and fix common issues.

I’ve found this page in Knowledgebase: Fixing misbehaving keys - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. Item 13 seems to pertain to my particular case, but it’s rather general, and i’d like something more detailed for a mech keyboard noob that i am :slight_smile:

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Hi there, and so glad to hear you’re happy with your UHK!

If you want to clean your UHK, it’s worth removing the keycaps (with the combined switch and keycap puller), then blowing some air to the space beneath the keycaps to get rid of the accumulated hair, and finally, using a damp cloth to clean the keycaps.

As for stabilizers, it’s worth using lithium grease to make them smoother. (Although we do apply this grease on them in our factory, so they should generally work fine.)


Thank you for reply! If this becomes a nuisance, will try the lithium grease.