Is pressKey (x amount of seconds) indistinguishable from holding that key down manually?

I play runescape and there is a trick that lets you hold down a camera button to stay logged in 6 hours. It’s technically against the rule to hold something like a stone or whatever on the button to keep the button held down, but there isn’t really a way to detect that. It’s “hardware” in the sense that there is no feasible way they can differentiate between a person keeping their finger down on the button and someone “sticking” the button down.

My guess is my uhk will let me achieve a similar thing with holding down a button, and i’m assuming because once configured they will similarly not be able to differentiate between holding down a key and me using this holdkey macro. Is that correct?

pressKey d
delayUntil 3600000

Which translates roughly to 6 hours.

Just try it. First, and you should start with that, hold down the key for 6 hours without a stone or software change. Then second you can check if the UHK programmed will give the same result. We are looking forward hearing from your experience in roughly 12 hours :wink:

SCNR, 'guess being tired does not help to tame my humor…

P.S.: The game should not being able to tell the difference.

I have faith that it’ll work!

if ($dReleased) {
setVar dReleased !$dReleased
pressKey d
while (!$dReleased) delayUntil 10
else {
    setVar dReleased !$dReleased
    holdKey d

this is essentially what i’m doing now. ( borrowed from a fellow forum member ).

Unless there is some kind of pattern to the holding ( it appears to hold constantly but im not sure ) they shouldn’t be able to distinguish. Might still not take the risk with my account though :sweat_smile:

Should work just like holding it physically. I am not sure what is maximum delay off top of my head (might be capped at 65535 milliseconds).

As to antihack detection, if I was programming such a system, I would just assume that no human is capable and willing to hold a key without interruption for more than a few minutes at a time, and ban irrespectively if it is a human or a stone, because something fishy is going on for sure.