I don't like the trackball module

After using the keyboard for half a year, I still don’t enjoy the trackball module and regret didn’t go with the trackpad module instead.

The biggest issue I have is the trackball module is on the same plane with the keyboard rather than angled, so it was the outer side of my thumb that’s touching the trackball instead of the major surface, which hurts the accuracy a lot.

Really wish the trackball module can be angled to help increase accuracy.

We’re sorry you’re not pleased with the trackball module, and we appreciate your feedback.

We’ll do our best to develop a better design for its next version.

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You know, I generally prefer trackpads, but on my UHK I prefer the Trackball or Trackpoint/nipple modules. The Trackpoint ends up being the one I use the most.
My “neutral” thumb position seems to trigger scrolling on the trackpad more often than I’d like and the trackball is big enough that I bump it occasionally. But this is the penalty I have for long fingers.

I second that and think for the UHK the trackpoint is the module to use. Or try mouse mode.

Those settings work fine for me:

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My personal tier list is
Trackpoint > Touchpad > Trackball

I feel like I need to mention my own preferences here. I know that such things are all very subjective, and so I say this all with a grain of salt, if you catch my meaning.

I really like the trackball module. Is there room for improvement? For sure, but I think for the first keyboard to offer such a thing, and the new territory that they’ve blazed in doing it, it is a valiant and good first version. The size takes some getting used to, but this is ok, it is your keyboard, and putting the time into mastering it will only do you a bunch of good.

Part of improving our use of a keyboard is evoling, and learning new more efficient ways to use one. I think the UHK is doing a lot of this with the modules. You can plug one thing into your computer and have a mouse and keyboard.

I personally am looking forward to a possible ortholinear layout that is being rumored to be in the works.

Also the work to improve the per key led lighting is much appreciated. Great work! The Agent software is still the best in the keyboard game.


Take it with a big smile!
Being raised with ThinkPads, there is only one king for me.

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Always eyed that tex keyboard, but I don’t think I can go back to a non-split at this point. UHK is currently the only split keyboard with a trackpoint i’m aware of outside of creating one with a custom pcb

I would like to note that I love the trackball module.

I bought all modules and used the trackball first. The red ball caused issues with movement not being detected. Changed to the black ball which was a bit better but still not as good as the metal ball. Sadly, the metal ball is loud af (compared to the others) and often feels like scratching on something. I do clean it regularly though.

The touchpad is ok but just not my thing. I keep miss clicking and dragging stuff.

The trackpoint module is strange. I hated it at first but then started to love it. Now i am back to the trackball (metal) again due to better accuracy and control. I just kept over and undershooting with the trackpoint.

This is… magical. Do you have a blog post or anything about building this?

I’m not 100% sure what the tablet or screen is, but the keyboard and body are highly interesting.


you might check: Shinobi | TEX Electronics
I although bought: BLE Upgrade Kits | TEX Electronics and blanks Shinobi keycap set | TEX Electronics

I had to pay with german tax, 19% in the end $425,-
The screen shown is a BOOX Tab X: BOOX Tab X – BOOX EURO Shop connected vie BT.

Don’t know where you are living, but I would let go of the keyboard for a fair price, it had been used for less than 30 minutes.
Collecting keyboards doesn’t always make sense in regard to using them in reality, if this makes sense for you :slight_smile:

Edit: To be more precise about the price, look at that shipping cost:

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