How to configure keyboard with German and US key caps

Hi everyone,

I just got my UHK v2 and really like its touch, absolutely my dream keyboard.

Now to my question: I live in Germany (requiring Umlauts ÖÄÜ) but do a lot of LaTex work (requiring heavy use of brackets {}). I ordered Germany and US key caps so _physically _I can create the keyboard I desire with the best of both worlds.

However, I could not find out yet, how I can use the Agent to configure the QWERTY keyboard to include Umlauts (ÖÄÜ). These keys do not show up in the selection box. Is that possible at all? I’d be grateful for any suggestions or pointers. BTW, I’m using a Mac, if that was relevant.

Thanks a lot, Oliver

The software (Agent) currently does not show the German layout, so you need to look on an English keyboard which key (actual key position) corresponds to the German keys. In the operating system you choose the layout. In future versions of Agent the German mappings should be there as well, not giving any new option, but making it easier to configure your keyboard, when you see the active layout of the operating system mirrored in Agent.


This article should answer this: How can I type accented characters with my UHK? - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Short answer is that standard approach is to use an en-US mapped UHK with german language layout selected in your OS.

If you insisted on using en-US OS layout, you still can create macros that contain alt-codes.

Thanks for a lot for the swift reply. I’ll check that out!

I do use mostly a standard setup for UHK agent (except mapping the Mouse key to ESC) and instead use Eurkey as keyboard layout in the OS. This way you have a US layout but umlauts are easily reachable using RightAlt + [AEUS].

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Thanks lordvader, interesting suggestion!

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