How to clean the trackball in the key cluster?

Hello, I think some dirt got stuck into the trackball of my key cluster module. I tried removing the top shield to see if the ball was removable somehow but it doesn’t look like it’s possible.

Any suggestion about how to clean it? It’s really difficult to make it roll up :frowning:

It is possible to remove the top part but it is rather awkward.
A paper clip bent out of shape to stick in both holes works.

Also an article on the site about it.

Thank you, but I’m referring to the key cluster module, not the trackball one. I had that as well and it was easy enough to clean (although it got dirty like every two days)

There is this page. Never had to clean mine though.

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Thank you. By the look of it, it’s really not supposed to be cleaned. Do I have to consider it defective? I really have to push down almost as to click it to have it register the up rotation

Please contact us, and we’ll send you a replacement part if your key cluster module is under warranty.