How to change mapping from fn + i/j/k/l to fn+ ctrl + i/j/k/l

II think secondary role has got something to do with it but I just can’t seem to figure out how.

I tried setting up a fn2 layer as per the description of secondary role on the agent but I can’t select fn2 layer on the secondary role dropdown. perhaps the description is misleading because it says I can select “Mouse” layout which makes me believe I can select some layout on the dropdown…

Please try describing again what you are after. So far I am lost :sweat_smile:.

The default mapping of fn + i/j/k/l (+ u/,) is mapped to media control.
What I want to achieve is to map those mappings with a Ctrl modifier, which is
fn + Ctrl + i/j/k/l

So you want fn+i to produce ctrl+volumeUp, etc. Is that right?

You just click the Left Ctrl in the key popover…

no ;(
I want to control volumeUp with fn+ctrl+i instead of fn+i

Following macro bound on fn+i should do the trick then:

ifCtrl suppressMods holdKey mediaVolumeUp

For more info, please see:


Thank you!