Home row mods -- or other good solutions for Ctrl-C and the like?

The subject says it all. Do you use home-row-mods or have other solutions to handle combos which include Ctrl, Alt, Win/Super and are therefore not really usable from the home-row position of the hand?

I use Home row mods extensively. So far the following configuration works well for me but I keep experimenting with timings. Sometimes, when I type too fast, I get false primaries. But, more importantly, with the current timings, I rarely get false secondaries.

Still, when typing super fast, I prefer using natural Shifts. Home-row-mods Shifts are more convenient to be used in combinations but are rather inconvenient for fast typing because of intermittent false primaries. It’s kind of hard to control the order of presses when typing unconsciously.

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Oh this is nice, I was wondering if there is a way to have deeper configuration of the HRM-timings, which is exactly what your macros seem to do. Up to this point I only experimented with regular secondary roles on keys, which led to quite a few issues, because i tend to roll words a lot.

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hm, weird - holding the key to create shift in my case works, but tapping does not produce the output character.
I also tried it with holdLayer fn3, which didn’t work either. Any idea, what I could be doing wrong here?

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@proostas oh I think I figure it out - could it be that there is an error in your syntax? You are using resolveSecondary 350 0 1 3, however the ‘0’ shouldn’t be there, as far as I can tell

No, it is a valid parameter named safety margin. The following picture shows the diagram where I tried to wrap my head around it.

But I remember that there was a bug that prevented me from using 0 as a value for the safety margin. You should flash the latest firmware for 0 to take effect. Otherwise, try using 1 as the value, e.g. resolveSecondary 350 1 1 3 (I used this as a workaround until the bug was fixed).

There is a shorter form of resolveSecondary: resolveSecondary 350 1 3 but it essentially means resolveSecondary 350 350 1 3.

In short, the less the safety margin is, the more likely the secondary role will be triggered when you release both keys simultaneously (which is the normal practice).


Thanks, very helpful. I started to test home row mods now and use your suggested parameters. Let us hear when you find a good timing option. I will also post when I have new findings or experience. :slight_smile:

I like to use both hands for copy / paste / etc. so I press with left Mod and with right the macros for CMD - C / V / X etc.

No rules without exceptions :wink:: I save and quit apps using one hand only - that’s why I minimized the distance between Mod and these keys


After some days of testing I decided to ditch home-row-mods and like you just assign the most important shortcuts (Ctrl- XCVZAWST) to my mod-layer. Reason is that false triggers of shortcuts can be really disrupting, needing time to fix or even dangerous. When typing fast (65 wpm to 85 wpm average with 120 wpm bursts) the chance for false triggers is simple too big. So home-row mods for shortcuts are for me not worth the hassle.

P.S.: I am now testing the right case-button as Ctrl, which makes left hand Ctrl-shortcuts also easy and pretty quick.

What’s your latest configuration? Tried yours and got an error

Also how are you finding homerow mods Would love to see your whole setup :slight_smile:

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I am back to trying home-row mods and continue to describe my experience in that thread.