Hold key to trigger macro isn't working

I’m trying to recreate the “code snippet back tick” macro in JSyntax’s video: https://youtu.be/gLWX4P5JC8I?t=64

Here’s what I have, which I believe is the same as he has:

That macro is assigned to the backtick key:

But, holding the key doesn’t trigger the macro. It doesn’t key repeat either and I’ve got macOS keyrepeat on the fastest setting—mostly for vim keybinding reasons.

Any thoughts on what the issue might be?

I’m new here, but I think these macros will only work if the advanced typing behaviour setting is enabled.


I’ll check that out, thanks. I’m mostly concerned that I may have to turn off the key repeating in VS Code. Then again maybe it’ll force me to give up and go back to vim :slight_smile:

I’ll keep playing with settings in the meantime.

You have to enable the advanced secondary resolution strategy so that the secondary action gets executed on a timeout (i.e. long hold). I think that’s now a selection in the Typing Behaviour section in Agent (but I am not 100% sure).