Good setup with UHK + MacBook with no monitor?

I’m probably not alone but after getting used to UHK I can’t type on my MacBook anymore!

I am looking to see if anyone uses a setup where they are able to use the UHK with a MacBook without using a monitor. I would like to raise the MacBook so the keyboard does not come in the way and the raised screen serves as a monitor.


You do not mention how far apart you keep your UHK halves.
I’ve seen people placing their notebook on a small shelf that sits on their desk. The legs of the shelf wide enough apart to accommodate the UHK, so it can slide (halfway or more) underneath the shelf, and therefore underneath the notebook’s built-in keyboard. Its screen hovering on eye level.

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I use a simple kickstand to prop my laptop up and then connect a keyboard to it.

There are lots of these kickstands with adjustable angles, though realistically the max kickstand angle is limited by how far can your laptop open (it’s about 154 degrees for a MacBook, AFAIK)

Some of our customers use the Roost laptop stand.

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I keep the halves around 4 inches apart with a Magic Trackpad in the middle. Currently I have the MacBook standing behind the monitor in clamshell mode.

I was looking for ways to use it monitor-free say when visiting somewhere.

Thank you I was looking for exactly this kind of specific brand recommendation