Firmware checksum mismatch

Upgraded firmware to 10.5.0. In agent both the left half & keycluster versions are underlined with warning message to the tune of “this module runs firmware 10.3.0, but based on its checksum, it’s the same as firmware 10.5.0”.

Nothing appears to be bricked at this point, but… should I be worried? Is it possible the problem is due to flashing firmware while connected to the computer via a KVM switch?

It is fine.

It is basically telling you that your modules and left half are up-to-date and don’t need to be flashed.

The thing is that modules (including left half) only report sensor states, so their firmware is super simple and doesn’t actually change very often. In most cases, only right half firmware is changed between different firmware versions. Therefore the checksum check of whether the firmware binary has actually changed - to flash the boards only when needed.

(Also, the title is just wrong, as this clearly is a firmware checksum match.)

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Okay, only now I understood the message. Basically it’s telling me the updated firmware for this half/module is effectively the same, so it presents me with the new version, but in reality the previous version is still running. Thanks.

Please feel free to suggest a better description than the current one, which avoids such misunderstandings.

What about:

This module runs firmware 10.4.0, however for this module the firmware binary is same as 10.5.0, so update is not needed.
<empty line>
Unnecessary firmware updates…

Also, I find it confusing that Agent shows 10.5.0 instead of 10.4.0. I would find it less confusing if it showed 10.4.0, or maybe “10.4.0 (up-to-date)”.

Unsure much needs to be changed, here the problem was my comprehension, really.

I’d still remove the whole bit about unnecessary updates potentially bricking the device.

As for which version to display, it should be kept as-is, as it’s easier for end-user to grok that everything is up-to-date and nothing to be done.

Unsure it’d be an improvement, but maybe consider a message as simple as

This module has been updated to firmware 10.5.0, checksum parity with 10.4.0.

or perhaps

Module firmware is up-to-date. Version 10.5.0, checksum parity with 10.4.0.

Since everybody is invited to chime in with their choice of text phrase:

This module runs firmware 10.5.0 (binary identical with previously installed firmware 10.4.0); no update needed.

This is simple and concise, it doesn’t need to be so wordy. If you want more context the tooltip provides it.

Thanks, guys!

Although, strictly speaking, the message is inaccurate, it gets the message across with the least amount of possible confusion, so I’ve just updated the tooltip content accordingly.

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