Feature Request: Allow adding notes to key mappings in Agent

I’m getting old. And I forget things. :crazy_face: So oftentimes when revisiting my mappings in Agent I wonder what some keys and their assigned key combos do, especially if I don’t use them as often as initially thought.

Having the possibility to add notes to each mapping would go a long way for people like me.

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You know you can create macros, right? :upside_down_face:

But it takes many more clicks to create a macro for every key binding instead of directly assigning a key combo in the key map, just to get the added benefit of being able to name it.

Or am I misunderstanding your suggestion? :sweat_smile:

You understand it fine.


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I created a separate document where I keep my notes for the keymap.

I think the question is a good one. One nice solution could be to allow tooltips in Agent. The content of a tooltip can then be defined in the macro code with a special string, e.g.

//TT This is the tooltip text. \n That is the second line of the tooltip.

For all non-macro keys a field which allows to define the tooltip could be added.

And then the tooltip would be displayed in Agent, when hovering the mouse over a key (longer than half a second or something like that).


@rpnfan lovely, your mock-ups perfectly picture what I had in mind. :star_struck:

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