Failing to set rgb backlight on key cluster with UHK v1

An UHK60v1 with key cluster module.
Agent 3.0.1, firmware 10.1.0.


Relevant part of $onInit:

set backlight.strategy constantRgb
set backlight.constantRgb.rgb 64 64 64
set leds.fadeTimeout 300

Default keymap ‘CMX’.

Relevant part of $onKeymapChange CMX

set backlight.keyRgb.base.128 128 128 128
set backlight.keyRgb.base.129 128 128 128
set backlight.keyRgb.base.130 128 128 128
set backlight.keyRgb.mod.128 0 128 0
set backlight.keyRgb.mod.129 0 128 0
set backlight.keyRgb.mod.130 0 128 0
set backlight.keyRgb.mouse.128 0 128 128
set backlight.keyRgb.mouse.129 0 128 128
set backlight.keyRgb.mouse.130 0 128 128
set backlight.keyRgb.fn.128 128 0 0
set backlight.keyRgb.fn.129 128 0 0
set backlight.keyRgb.fn.130 128 0 0
set backlight.keyRgb.fn5.128 128 128 0
set backlight.keyRgb.fn5.129 128 128 0
set backlight.keyRgb.fn5.130 128 128 0

I am expecting to see the colour of the key cluster backlight to change when I activate different layers. However, nothing happens. The key cluster just keeps lighting in the same colour all the time.

What am I doing wrong?

I also tried to configure per-key backlighting in Agent, and configure different backlight colours for the key cluster keys on each layer. However that also did not achieve anything.

I must be missing something essential.

RGB is not implemented on UHKv1.

Hm, this doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the docs.
Can’t even control the LEDs on the key cluster?

Not at the moment. .

Can I set constantRgb on the key cluster with UHKv1, or not control it at all? I mean it lights up, but how does it choose the colour and brightness?

I believe you can set brightness.

@maexxx Please open a firmware issue. The color of key cluster LEDs should be adjustable with the UHK 60 v1, too.

Done. cannot set rgb backlight on key cluster module with UHK v1 · Issue #655 · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub

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