Esc/tilde/backtick key

I have an American QWERTY keyboard.
What I’d like to have is that the leftmost key will be:

  • ESC with no MOD
  • backtick with MOD
  • tilde with left shift (no MOD)

I can achieve the first two, but don’t know how to do the last one with the Agent. Is it even possible, or am I limited to the characters on the keys?

You can remap any key to just about anything you want. Create a new macro and map it to the desired key.

I’m pretty sure this will do what you want with Esc/tilde:

  1. In the left side pane of Agent, go to the “Macros” section and click the “+” button.
  2. Name your new macro something relevant (Esc/tilde for example).
  3. Click “+ Add macro action”.
  4. Click “</> Command”, and in the “Macro commands” box type in the following:
ifShift holdKey ~
ifNotShift holdKey escape
  1. Click the “save” button at the bottom right of the command box.
  2. Go back to the “Keymaps” section in Agent’s left side pane and select the keymap you wish to change.
  3. Click on the key you want to change and choose the “Macro” tab.
  4. Choose the new macro from the “Play macro” drop-down list, and click the “Remap key” button.
  5. Click “Save to keyboard” in the very bottom right of Agent.

There may be a better way, but the above macro works well enough for me.


You don’t even need macros for this. Just map the tilde in the shift layer.


Oh wow, much cleaner method indeed. I suppose I have some reworking to do. I forgot about the addition of those extra layers. Now I can finally trim down my gigantic macro list, lol.

amazing, thank you!