Emulate Linux/Windows on macOS

I frequently switch between Linux and macOS, and I’m looking for a way to make the Linux keyboard shortcuts work on both. (Specifically, I use Ubuntu; Windows shortcuts should be similar.) For example:

  • Ctrl+C (or +X or +V) for copy (or cut or paste). Normally this is Cmd+C on macOS.
  • Alt+Tab to switch between windows. On macOS this is normally Cmd+Tab to cycle applications and Cmd+~ to cycle windows within an application.
  • Ctrl+W to close the current tab in Firefox AND to delete the previous word in the terminal. On macOS, closing the Firefox tab is Cmd+W but deleting the previous word in the terminal is Cmd+W.

Is this possible with UHK? Any suggestions are much appreciated!

P.S. I don’t yet own a UHK, and I want to find out what’s possible (and how much work it will be) before I get one. Beginner friendly answers are much appreciated!

Just have a different keymap for each and swap between them using the shortcuts?

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I haven’t used macOS for a very long time, but when ever there had been questions about macOS and mks at various platforms, a tool called Karabiner was mentioned to help.
Don’t know if this might help you, but good luck.

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You can have multiple keymaps on the UHK, and some of your desired shortcuts are available by default on dedicated keymaps:

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You can try the online version of Agent, the configuration software: Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Configurator

It is very straightforward to use and you can do a lot out of the box. What you can not do directly can very often be achieved with a macro – where you get great support here, how to set up the function you want to achieve. The ease of customization is IMO one of the benefits of UHK (with Agent).

Finally the default keymaps provided can be a great starting point, but you can customize to whatever fits your needs best! :smiley:

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