Email macro won't output consistently (Shift key timed differently each time)

I wanted a macro to quickly type out my email. But the @ seems to trip things up. It has a high chance of working the first time, but the shift sometimes seems to be transposed. For example when I have numbers in the email, I get characters like ( where there was supposed to be 9, ^ where there was a 6 etc.
I just updated firmware from 10.1.0 to 10.3.1 firmware and the problem persists.
on Manjaro Linux

Please, add set keystrokeDelay 10 into your $onInit macro. It will slow down UHK’s output, which should in turn solve the problem.


Solved my problem too. Would love if this was the default


The delay causes it to miss ‘a’ and ‘r’ sometimes (I bound the macro to Mod-a and Mod-r). What’s actually going on here, why is the delay necessary?

Some software doesn’t like too fast input.

That’s strange. Is there any software that might interfere? (E.g., Karabiner elements)

If not, please post your UserConfig, I will have a look…

I’m not running any other keyboard software. Just plugged into plain old Manjaro Linux.
Here’s my exported user config: