Duel key home row mod?

Sorry if this is a bit basic, struggling with the docs.

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestion for a way to implement a duel key home row mod.

E.g: while pressing ‘a’ + ’s’ then activate Fn2

Add a macro for the below and map it to the ‘a’ key

ifShortcut 80 final holdLayer fn2
holdKey a

although that can make things like typing “last” problematic if you rollover, below may help a little with that.

There is probably another better way to do it

ifShortcut timeoutIn 50 80 final holdLayer fn2
holdKey a

this mapped to ‘s’ seems to work better

ifKeyActive 79 goto 3
holdkey s
holdLayer fn2

My preference for triggering fn2 is to map the below to fn+2

holdLayer fn2
ifDoubletap toggleLayer fn2

and in fn2 etc I map fn to unToggleLayer

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There is also the alphanumeric-friendly secondary role resolution strategy. (This is not what you have asked for, but should suit the usecase.)

E.g., you may put this in a macro named $onInit:

set secondaryRole.defaultStrategy advanced

And then configure normal one-key secondary roles via Agent popover…

Secondary roles on home row are quite sensitive to writing style, and therefore usually need some tweaking to get working reliably. For more info search firmware/doc-dev/user-guide.md at master · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub for secondaryRole.

Sorry if this is a bit basic, struggling with the docs.

Could you elaborate? Which docs? Why are you struggling? Can we do anything to make them easier to navigate?

Awesome, I tried the first three. Actually stuck with the first one which seems to work well if I think of it like rolling my fingers over the keys. The second one required more precise timing which was leading to more undoing. Couldn’t get the third one to work though. The s key seemed to no longer work as an s key.

Thanks for help!

Just trying to look through the user guide and the reference manual. I’m pretty fresh to this, the simple one line commands seem straight forward and have good examples. But when relying on grammar to drive understanding it becomes a little harder for a less advanced user to to sense how multiple commands fit together.

Thanks for that by the way, I will have more of a look into it when I have a little more time on my hands.

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