Driver question - is it a manual install or is the keyboard plug & play (minus the agent software)?

Hello! I am just curious if the driver for UHK v2 is plug and play to use, or if an actual install is required?

I am inquiring as I’d love to use at work but if a software install is required then that would need to be certified which would never happen for such a one-off scenario.

To be more explicit – I am wondering if I can install agent software at home, configure KB, and then use at work? Thanks!!

Yes, you can do that. The UHK presents itself to the host computer as a standard USB keyboard and USB mouse. You can just plug a configured UHK into any computer, and it will work without any special drivers.

That is very cool! I’m excited to nerd out with macros haha. Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it, and I hope you have an awesome day!