Disappointing Keycluster Trackball

I bought my UHK about a month ago and was delighted with it. I pulled the trigger on a palm rest and a Keycluster module and received it yesterday. I was hoping that the mini-trackball, though small, would work well as a cursor for my left hand (I’m left-handed and find my right thumb is not terrifically suited to manipulating a pointer).

I was dismayed when I saw just how low the polling rate is on this module. When bumped up to speeds even barely high enough to cover even half my screen space without double-digit swipes, a single movement moves probably 20 pixels, far too coarse to point to anything with any real precision. It’s quite possible that I just don’t understand the module.keycluster.speed, baseSpeed, and xceleration options well enough to get the behavior out of it that I want.

Also, the palm rest, while very comfortable for my wrists, decreases the tilt of my UHK such that the OEM profile keycaps for space and mod, which initially felt great under the sides of my thumbs, now scrape them uncomfortably.

Anyone have any tips on fine-tuning the mini-trackball for cursor mode or dealing with the decrease in tilt angle when the palm rest is attached?

Regarding space and mod keys - FWIW I have (almost) all my bottom row keycaps turned upside down (by which I mean, rotated 180 degrees about a vertical axis) for this reason. (It helps that they are blank!)

I’m sorry to hear you’re dissatisfied with your key cluster module. The main issue is not the polling rate but the size and resolution of the mini trackball, which only emits 8 pulses per 360 degrees, insufficient for fine-grained pointer control, and rather suited for scrolling and text cursor movement.

Reversing the mentioned keys is a good idea.

Yeah, the keycluster mini-trackball really only works reasonably well for scrolling, but not for mouse pointer control.