Different Palm Rests - I don't like wood

I really wish there were a different material for the wrist rest to choose from. The wood wrist rests are very high quality, and their shape is ergonomic, but I simply don’t like how they make the keyboard look. Sometimes I’ll just take them off so I can have a “cleaner” look to my keyboard. I saw some early prototypes of the UHK palm wrests and something like that would be perfect for me. I still use the wrist rests because it makes the keyboard very comfortable to use, just wish there were options for people who arn’t in love with the natural look.

Thanks for your feedback! We’ll release an alternative palm rest this year that I think you’ll love. Please subscribe to the UHK newsletter, and we’ll keep you updated.



I measured the original wrist rests and prepared a 3D model for a print, although I am not very sure about the radii and holes offsets…

Are there any chances of getting the original STEPs (or any other format) open-sourced one day? It would definitely open more options for the community.

We haven’t published the mechanical CAD files yet. We want to publish them per-part basis after obsoleted parts are neither produced nor stocked anymore. We have published only the UHK mounting layout regarding the palm rest.

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Thanks @mlac. Is it possible to get the same drawing for the palm rests? I mean, screw holes and distances between them?

Just uploaded the files into the newly created GitHub - UltimateHackingKeyboard/cad: Mechanical CAD files repo.


That’s unbelivably fantastic news!

So, for anyone interested in making their own palmrests, either by 3D printing, or by the means of a more civilized manufacturing method, here are the STEPS. I’ve printed them, and they match the holes pretty good. Gonna chromeplate them now, or what…

:point_right: Printables :point_left:


Just purchased a uhk-sans palm rest and am interested in building a palm rest from scratch including the plate insert. Is there any chance anyone has a line drawing of it that I could use for reference for my own cut out? Also, naturally, what’s the thickness?
Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry, but we don’t plan to release the mechanical design of the palm rest until it’s in production. The thickness of the palm rest plate is 1.7 mm.

Thanks Mlac! Making do with some cardboard while this model with an integrated plate prints.
Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (UHK) wrist rest by felixoid - Thingiverse
Looking forward to getting over the learning curve!

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I can hardly wait!

Do you happen to have a timeframe, which month, maybe?
Although waiting for a key cluster module for the right half, then my UHK is going to be 100% perfect.

About a month or two.

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The new rubber palm wrests look absolutely perfect. Excellent choice in materials too, I use a rubber wrist rest on my traditional board and it’s amazing. This looks terrific. Hyped to get this.

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Good evening,

I’ve just gotten your mail.
Question 1: Are the four needed screws included?
Question 2: It would be a waste, if the key cluster module for the right half would be announced in the next few days, I would wait a bit then ordering.

Have a nice weekend.

Hi there!

  1. Yes.
  2. It’ll take quite a bit of time for us to release a new module, probably not within a year.

Have a nice weekend, you too!

Ty for your answer, just ordered :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the fast and pleasing delivery!
Family picture :slight_smile:

Have a nice day with greetings from Germany.


Just ordered my rubber palm rests. Been wanting these for years!