Different media key when pressing Fn + Shift

Hi all, I’ve been trying to setup the following but can’t find out how to do it using layers.

Goal behavior:

  1. Fn + k → Volume down

  2. Fn + Shit + k → Mute

  3. is trivial via the Fn layer, but I can’t figure out how to do 2.?
    I’m guessing the only way to achieve this is using macros?


Yes, only possible via macros!

Search firmware/doc-dev/user-guide.md at master · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub for ifShift; the relevant scancode abbreviations should be mediaVolumeDown and mediaVolumeMute and can be found in firmware/doc-dev/reference-manual.md at master · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub.

In other words, binding following macro in your fn layer should do the trick:

ifShift holdKey mediaVolumeMute
ifNotShift holdKey mediaVolumeDown



Damn, thank you so much for the super fast reply!
Just tried it out and it worked like charm.

Now I just have to find a way to creat a Shit modifier :rofl:

Now I just have to find a way to creat a Shit modifier :rofl:

What do you mean? You just bind regular shift in your fn layer, don’t you?

Edit: Oh, I see, if you are referring to the typo in the original post :-).

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