DHIATENSOR ... Dvorak in non-English languages

DHIATENSOR is the home row on the Dvorak keyboard.

If you type in languages other than English, you may be interested to know that a Dvorak/ergonomic keyboard layout may already be available in your language.

I touch type English and Thai.
As I was researching ergonomic keyboards, I wanted to find one where the individual keys could be remapped (just like the UHK) so I could have an ergonomic key layout in Thai.

Such a layout already exists and is a language choice in system settings on Mac O/S.
There are also other layouts available for download as a font file.
Learning to touch type all over again was not pleasant (3 years of frustration), but the benefits have been far better accuracy, faster typing, much less strain in fingers and hands, as you would expect.

So, if you are working in a non-English language, and you want an ergonomic key layout ala Dvorak, I suggest looking into keyboard layouts available on your operating system.
Maybe a Dvorak-style layout is already there.

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