Custom Keycaps AERTY


I’d like to change the keycaps and to use an AZERTY (french) layer.
Any idea where I could buy one which will be compatible with the UHK?

thanks for your insights


your best chance might be a flat, non-sculpted profile like DSA or XDA.
This way you can easily swap positions.



Ignore the spacebar, it’s the original one.

You have to consider keycapsize given/needed: Layout and keycaps - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

If you want shine through keycaps, better forget it!

This might help: Keyboard vendors by country

DSA, I can recommend PMK. XDA, AliExpress might be worth looking at.

If you need further help, just let us know.

Have a nice day.

Hi! thanks for this complete answer!

What I had in mind was to keep from the original UHK (v2, by the way) all the “special” caps (I mean space, enter, module, etc.) and only swap the character keys.

I have already tried to swap the keys shipped with the UHK

but what I miss are the accentuation keys from the french AZERTY layout.
I tried to map chars with accents with some marco (ie: fn+e = é) but in the french layout these keys are available without any key combination and I definitely don’t manage to get used to the macros.

In the link you gave, very few provide the keys I want (I found none in PMK, for instance)

If you want shine through keycaps, better forget it!

sad news, I’ll miss this feature :smiling_face_with_tear:

Might you tell me if one of the following would fit on the keyboard? some of them are quite expensive, so I don’t want to chose a wrong one. I couldn’t find any “DSA”
HyperX Pudding Keycaps (AZERTY, Français) - Clavier PC - Garantie 3 ans LDLC (this one has backlight!)
Drop + biip MT3 Extended 2048 Dark Keycap Set - Base Story | Mechanical Keyboards | Keycaps | Custom Keycaps
(I have found other links, but as a new user, I cannot post more than two links in a post!)

thanks for your help !!

This is a complete different situation and makes it easier, because you don’t have to mess around with modifier keycaps.

Looking at your picture, it’s easy to recognize the mismatch of profile per row. The Z and W keycaps “don’t fit” in the sense it is supposed to be used.
But it’s absolutely fine, if you can live with that!

The UHK original keycaps are OEM-Profile and rows a sculpted in different shapes/angles.


Your Pudding Keycaps shown are QWERTY and not AZERTY, but this might be a wrong picture, happens a lot at stores!
You might ask the shop about that and ask for the profile. If not stated otherwise, chances are close to 100% it’s OEM-Profile and a perfect match.

Drop biib does use MT3-Profile, look at the difference in between OEM and MT3, i would have problems to find a mixture of both pleasing :wink:


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Looking at your picture, it’s easy to recognize the mismatch of profile per row. The Z and W keycaps “don’t fit” in the sense it is supposed to be used.

yeah you saw it! It sometimes a bit annoying, but I can live with it

indeed the picture is misleading for the pudding keycaps, but they really are in AZERTY, so everything is fine!

This “OEM” information is what I needed in my searches

Thank you for your help, I’ll post a picture of my new set, once I’ve received it :slight_smile:

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aaaaand, here it is!

I only had to create a macro for the “<>” key
and there is only one letter in the the third row on the right panel, which is not optimal I guess, I also tend to prefer original caps, but I really feel better with it now.

thanks for your help @Makami


Glad, that you could achieve your goal and like it.
Have a lot of fun and happy typing.

Hey niko, just in case you feel like getting new keycaps, we just added the UHK layout on Yuzu Keycaps, where you can customize your own keycap set.

We do get a lot of azerty users… as a French myself I know the pain when it comes to finding baguette keycaps! Part of the reason why I switched to Colemak too (only part because Colemak keycaps aren’t so easy to find either!)

thanks for letting me know!
but it seems that there is no"backlight" option on Yuzu keycaps?

no there is not… we are working with the UHK keycaps supplier to make a shinethrough version that would be sold on FK Custom, our other customization service that focuses on shinethrough keycaps

Soon ™️

cool, don’t hesitate to warn me here when it’ll be available, I might be interested!