Ctrl layer and mouse wheel not working

I’ve found that Ctrl layer doesn’t work with mouse wheel. If I use Ctrl+key I see action immediately, but if I issue Ctrl+<mouse wheel> it doesn’t work immediately (Ctrl ignored), works only if I hold Ctrl for some time.

This becomes very annoying in Figma, where mouse wheel is used for canvas scrolling (up/down) and Ctrl+<mouse wheel> is used for zoom-in/zoom-out. It starts canvas scrolling for some time, then zoom-in/zoom-out.

For dedicated Ctrl there is no such problem.


// set backlight.strategy constantRgb
// set backlight.constantRgb.rgb 255 0 0

set emergencyKey 64
set keystrokeDelay 20

set navigationModeAction.media.left keystroke backspace
set navigationModeAction.media.right keystroke delete

set module.keycluster.navigationMode.base media

set autoRepeatDelay 500
set autoRepeatRate 20
set oneShotTimeout 0

set secondaryRole.defaultStrategy advanced
set secondaryRole.advanced.timeout 500
set secondaryRole.advanced.timeoutAction secondary
set secondaryRole.advanced.safetyMargin 0
set secondaryRole.advanced.triggerByRelease 1
set secondaryRole.advanced.doubletapToPrimary 0

switchKeymap DEV
exec configureTrackpoint

Probably I already asked some similar question, but couldn’t find it. Seems there is no way to fix it in firmware since mouse is another device.

But glad to get answer from experts.

Are we talking about external mouse?

Is this about normal ctrl or a secondary role ctrl?

Is this about ctrl layer, or about ctrl modifier? (There is no ctrl layer in the screenshot!)

From what I can see, @likern seems to be talking about a secondary role Ctrl, and probably an external mouse. A combination which the UHK cannot completely resolve on its own. I guess the best option would be an advancedStrategy with a shortish timeout to resolve to secondary.

Yes, but I have conflicts here. I need longer timeout to eliminate accidental ctrl presses (while normal typing, ctrl is bound to home row key), and shorter (immediate) timeout for figma.

We are talking about external mouse and secondary ctrl role bound to some key (on home row).

Well, that is the expected behavior then.

I see you have ctrl bound on the mouse/caps key, which you coul use in order to get Ctrl with external mouse immediately.

In case you can program your external mouse, you may also be able to signal to UHK that it should trigger the secondary role. (Num lock / scroll lock / caps lock are sometimes used to communicate between qmk devices.)