Clumsy two finger scroll on touchpad

I just can’t put my finger on it but two finger scrolling on the touchpad just feels a bit unpolished. Maybe it’s not quite smooth enough or fast enough. It feels not as polished as just about any laptop touchpad I’ve used.

I feel it’s just the parameters and not the hardware and the mouse pointer control is spot on.

Anyone else feel the same or better still have any recommendations around this, please?

I’ve just tested the touchpad module’s two-finger scrolling to get a sense of what you mean when you say it’s not quite smooth or fast.

At low speeds, it’s observable that scrolling “accumulates” over smaller distances, at which point the actual USB scroll event kicks in, making the scrolling experience less than smooth. I expect this to be resolved by High-resolution scrolling · Issue #741 · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub eventually.

Scrolling, however, was fast enough for me when testing it.

Thanks for the response, László.

Yeah, I think it’s the smoothness that’s troubling me slightly, no the speed. I’ll follow along with that issue you mentioned. Cheers.