Choc switches for super low profile on UHK

Hi folks.

I’m enjoying the experience of experimenting on my UHK but I notice that my hands sometimes still prefer the mac keyboard. My hunch is that it’s related to the key travel, but it could also be that I still need to get used to the new keyboard or that other switch might work better. So part of the solution is to explore some other switches/keycaps … but after a bit of Googling it seems like there are these things called “choc” switches that have the most low profile features out there.

Are these switches compatible to UHK? Does anyone know?

I’m learning that this keyboard hobby can get expensive and I’m probably going to ask around at keyboard conventions to explore this realm more … but if folks have ideas/suggestions or if they can confirm if choc switch could be interesting I’d be all ears.

Are these switches compatible to UHK? Does anyone know?

Sadly, no.

But see The "low profile" UHK - #11 by Zetaphor.

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I had a hunch. And yeah, that thread is probably the direction to search further.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Last night I got new switches from Marktplaats (basically this is Dutch ebay) and these totally make a huge difference. I had no idea that clicky switches can make such a difference for me. Totally did not expect this.

Which switches did you buy? I am also in the NL. I have Kailh Deep Sea Silent Pro, Tactile Whale and prefer them much over the standard ones. Drop me a PM when you want to test those.

That’s appreciate but no worries, I’m eager to give the ones I have now a proper spin.

That said, I will be attending clackycon this year with the goal to exchange and try out a whole bunch of switches. Feel free to say “hi” if you’re going.

Also keen to hear what switches you have :slight_smile:

I had bought Cherry MX Clear tactile switches which felt good but didn’t allow for the light to shine through. So I tried another set at random (by buying from Marktplaats, which is Dutch ebay) these were Kailh Speed Bronze.

These are in the device right now and, despite being rather clicky, do give me some of the tactile feedback that I think I need. I orignally started with the pink switching that UHK provides but these gave me far to little feedback and it almost felt as if I wasn’t sure if the button was triggered when I pressed down.

I guess my main advice to folks is to just buy a few sets on second hand sites like Marktplaats. You can buy these trial kits with all the switches but in the end the only real way to find out what works is by swapping the switches in the keyboard completely.

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