Cheaper shipping options for spare parts? (Cleaning keycluster mini-trackball.)


My key cluster mini-trackball stopped scrolling in one direction and mini-trackball module doesn’t seem to be serviceable, so I suppose I need to replace it (the key cluster module was bought more than 2 years ago, so the warranty has expired already).

A replacement key cluster is ~EUR14 in the UHK store, but shipping via DHL is another 30, which is excessive. Are alternative delivery options possible at all? Or maybe it’s possible to buy key cluster trackball module elsewhere?


Hi there,

It should be possible to replace the mini trackball with a BlackBerry trackball that can be purchased from other shops. It’s glued to the PCB, but you should be able to remove it with sufficient force, then use super glue for the new trackball. (No electrical connection is needed as it uses magnets.)

As for shipping, we’re sorry, but there’s no other way: Alternative shipping options? - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Thanks, László!

I took another look at the trackball module yesterday and managed to remove the top metal part that keeps the ball and spindles in place. Turns out there was dirt on one of spindles that caused poor traction. Works as new after cleaning!

re: Blackberry trackball - this is very useful, thank you!


I must back this. Paying 25$ for shipping a couple of spare parts is just ridiculous.

As for customs paperwork - is that something you (not the end customer) have to deal with?

As for those other points listed in the blogpost - I find them to be quite irrelevant. You just don’t need tracking information for an envelope that contains just a handful of screws.

As for reliability, it should be mostly as reliable as the destination country national post, should it not?

Is there no chance of having a third party plaform (think of ebay or aliexpress) take care of taxes, paperwork and the like?

At least for shipping in EU. No customs.

I went to buy 100 euro of stuff. Shipping a third of that again.
Didn’t order.

Yes, the paperwork on our end is also excessive.

Sorry, but we don’t plan to provide an alternative shipping option until a better shipping provider becomes available.

Yes, the paperwork on our end is also excessive.

Allright, that sucks.