Change scroll speed for key cluster mini trackball?

Is there a way to configure the scrolling speed / acceleration stuff for the mini trackball in the key cluster module?

I tried fiddling with the acceleration options in the Agent, but those seem to only apply to the Mouse layer. Is that right?

Look into smart macros in the knowledgebase. There is also a macro guide in agent itself in the macros section. You can change the speed values through there.

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I have the same question and do not find an option with smart macros. It is stated that the key cluster module can not be changed, see screenshot of the docs.

It can be changed, although it is not recommended.

The default values are a bit peculiar. If I am not mistaken, the speed multiplier is 5, and speed divisors are set to 5, therefore producing 5 px per step in cursor mode and 1 event per step in scroll mode.

Is there a way to reduce the speed in scrolling mode, without changing the speed in cursor mode?

Adjust scroll speed divisor.